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International Business & Trade Lawyers 
مكتب المحامى محمد زاهير

International Trade Lawyers  for U.S. and Overseas Businesses
Handling International Business, Commercial Litigation, National Trade & Government Relations

Bringing Result-Oriented Representation to Complex Business Law Matters
The firm represents and advises U.S. and non-U.S. clients in international trade matters and litigation.  Our expertise covers a variety of areas, including U.S. Customs law, export controls, sanctions and embargoes, and trade remedies. She focuses on Customs issues, including tariff classification, import valuation (transfer pricing, and cost reconciliation), prior disclosures, and special duty programs such as free trade agreements (e.g. NAFTA), temporary importation under bond, and free trade zone. 

Our law firm offers a number of legal services and remedies pertaining to international law, including:

Import/Export:  As the U.S. government and other countries create additional criminal liability pertaining to regulations, tariff and non-tariff barriers, subsidies, and dumping, it has become very important for our clients involved in international trade to be represented by a law firm that is qualified and experienced in dealing with international commercial law matters.

As part of our services, we can:

•Secure and provide structured import transactions to avoid trade barriers and minimize duties.

•Represent customs brokers and importers who need to appear before the U.S. Customs regarding matters of classification, valuation, visas, penalties, seizures and forfeitures, and licensing.

•Represent shippers by making sure that export transactions are in compliance with the US Court of International Trade and other Federal, State, and Administrative Courts.

•Draft and negotiate international contracts for our clients, including agreements involving distribution, licensing, and international property rights.

•Appear with our clients before the International Trade Commission, the U.S. Trade Representative, and the International Trade Administration.

Enforcement of Contractual Rights Within the U.S. and Abroad: If a contract violation related to international trade has occurred, either in the U.S. or abroad, you will need an attorney who is experienced in international law and in contract law who can take the legal steps necessary to enforce your contract and protect your rights.
Legal Representation Before the US Customs and Homeland Security:

If you are prosecuted for trying to illegally bring into or export products from the United States, you may have to appear before the U.S. Customs and Homeland Security. Our international law attorneys are here to defend you against any allegations and make sure that you obtain top quality legal representation before these governing bodies. We can represent you before the appropriate commission, tribunal, or governmental body and defend you in court against criminal charges.

We have the tools and experience that enable us to offer you more than one legal remedy pertaining to your international law issue, including remedies in the areas of consumer law, intellectual property law, criminal law, and business litigation.

Customs Laws.   

The firm has a broad and robust practice focusing on U.S. and non-U.S. customs issues, including classification, valuation (such as assist and related party matters), origin rules and country of origin marking, drawback, free trade zones and bonded warehouses.  Our lawyers also are experienced in reduced tariff provisions and special tariff regimes, such as GSP, NAFTA, CBI and other free trade arrangements.  With the adoption of the harmonized tariff schedule and uniform customs practices, the trade regulation practice is also capable of assisting with many non-U.S. tariff issues with the assistance of the firm’s affiliated offices in middle East.  The firm has considerable experience providing assistance on customs issues in connection with business planning and compliance counseling, administrative proceedings, such as requests for classification, origin and other rulings, protests (and resulting appeals before the Court of International Trade), and investigation and penalty matters.  Firm trade regulation attorneys have particular experience in assessing and resolving complex customs compliance risk


As a result of business globalization and an increase in our international clientele base, we have developed the expertise and extensive experience needed to handle all aspects of international matters.

The firm represents individuals, entrepreneurs, and U.S. and multinational corporations, nationwide and throughout the world, in connection with their national and international business operations by providing them with the following services:

•International Business Consulting – counseling U.S. companies on legal issues arising from doing business in foreign countries and assisting in the formulation of strategies to pursue business in new territories

•Foreign Business Consulting – counseling non-U.S. companies about doing business in the United States and assisting with the formulation of strategies to pursue business in territories new to the business

•Arbitration and Mediation of International Disputes

•Claims under the Alien Tort Statute (also known as the Alien Tort Claims Act) and the Torture Victim Protection Act

•Claims under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act for commercial, contractual, and tort damages caused by a foreign state or its representative

•Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards and Judgments
•Foreign Debt and Judgment Collections
.Foreign Investments and Developments
•International Aviation Disasters
•International Catastrophic Injuries
•International Child Abduction
•International Commercial Litigation
•International Contract Negotiations
•International Cruise Line Disasters
•International Dispute Resolution
•International Employment and Immigration Matters
•International Joint Venture Negotiations
•International Litigation in U.S. courts
•International Matrimonial (Divorce) Litigation
•International Mergers and Acquisitions
•International Oil and Gas/Energy Litigation
•International Probate Litigation
•International Tax Litigation
•International Trade Litigation
•Overseas Injuries
•U.S. Customs Law
•U.S. Import/Export Law

(U.S. and International Crimes)

Our firm is dedicated to providing top quality representation in all phases of criminal defense from investigations to trial. When possible, we actively negotiate on our clients' behalf with the United States Attorney’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, and administrative bodies to achieve favorable results before trial. When cases proceed to trial, we are dedicated to aggressively representing our clients’ interests and needs. 

We represent people nationally and internationally who are facing FBI, CIA, and grand jury investigations and /or who have been accused of RICO; money laundering, and asset forfeiture; as well as violation of SEC, IRS, HUD, FDA, DHS regulations, and the Federal False Claims Act – Qui Tam cases. Further, we represent those who have been accused of violation of labor laws; currency transmission and export control laws; and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We also represent people who have been accused of bank fraud; counterfeiting and forgery; credit card fraud; embezzlement; fraudulent bankruptcy; immigration fraud; insurance fraud; mail and wire fraud; mortgage fraud; and tax fraud.

We assist clients in the following areas

U.S. Customs Matters 

•Bonded Warehouses
•Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)Licensing and Operation
•In-bond Documentation and Processing
•Fines and Penalties
•Seizures and Forfeitures
•Customs Value
•Country of Origin
•Antidumping Duties
•Focused Assessments
•Customs Broker Licensing, Penalties, and Revocations
•Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
•Customs Audits
•Express Consignments
•Recordation with U.S. Customs of Trademarks and Copyrights
•U.S. Customs Ruling Requests
•Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA, DR-CAFTA, AGOA, CBI, ATPE, etc.)
•HTS 2007 Changes
•Liquidated Damages Claims
•Customs Request for Information (CBP Form 28)
•Prior Disclosures
•Import Quotas
•Customs Bonds
•SED (Shippers Export Declaration)& AES(Automated Export System) Matters

U.S. Food & Drug Administration 

•FDA Bioterrorism Act of 2002
•Cosmetic Import Regulations 
•cosmetic labeling
•declaration of ingredients
•medical claims
•Food Import Regulations
•FDA Notice of Action
•Import Alerts
•Adulteration and Misbranding
•Dietary Supplements

U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control - OFAC 

•Cuban Embargo 
•Anti-Terrorism Sanctions
•Blocked Funds

Export Licensing 

•U.S. Commerce Department 
•Export Commodity Classification Number (ECCN)
•Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
•Bureau of Industry and Security 
•Denied Persons and Specially Designated Nationals
•Voluntary Disclosure
•Comprehensive due diligence

U.S. State Department 

•Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) 
•International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
•Comprehensive due diligence

Dispute Resolution 

•U.S. Court of International Trade
•Federal Courts
•Cooperate with Legal Counsel in Courts outside the United States

International Litigation

Act of State Doctrine
administrative challenges abroad
Alien Tort Claims Act
anti-suit injunctions
bank interventions by foreign regulators
commercial fraud
conflicts of law
dismissals for lack of jurisdiction
domestication and enforcement of foreign judgments
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
foreign distributorship/representative disputes
foreign employment and labor disputes
foreign government litigation
foreign property expropriation
Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
forum non conveniens doctrine
interim relief in aid of arbitration proceedings
international class actions
international intellectual property
international investigations
international mass torts
jury trials under foreign law
letters rogatory
money laundering
prejudgment remedies abroad
RICO claims
service of foreign process
ship arrest
U.S. government seizures
white collar crimes

Transportation Security Administration 

•Explain legal obligations required by TSA regarding Sensitive Security Information (SSI).
•Explain legal obligations required by TSA for Indirect Air Carriers (IAC).
•Respond to TSA issued letters of investigation.
•Respond to TSA Notices of Proposed Penalty.
•Mitigate penalties imposed by TSA

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