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Extensive Experience in Business Litigation 
We focus exclusively on

Business and Commercial Laws:  (contracts, commercial leases, starting own business, business formation and growth, purchase and sale of businesses, negotiations, joint ventures, buy-sell agreements),  We have developed  a broad experience in dealing with the varied legal aspects of corporate and business life. Our Clients range from single proprietorships and small-scale entrepreneurs to multinational corporations engaged in diverse fields of endeavors. Whether helping its clients organize a company; enter into new ventures; reorganize a corporate structure; or otherwise engage in simple or complex business transactions.As corporate attorneys, we work with equity members in businesses, whether established or a start up, to design an effective company structure, and create Company Agreements – shareholder agreements or partnership agreements - to define the roles and responsibilities of the governing persons, managers, and other key individuals in the company hierarchy. Our attorneys work with you, across various industries, to address issues such as:

Formation and Amending Company Structure. 
Shareholder and Partnership Agreements. 
Non-Disclosure and Trade Secret Protection Agreements. 
Control and Management Provisions. 
Buy – Sell provisions. 
Merger, Acquisitions and Divesters. 
Employment and Independent Contractor agreements. 
Contractor and Salesperson Agreements
Purchase or sales agreement - including buying or selling a business, as well as contracting for goods or services
Shareholder agreement
Partnership agreement
Operation agreement
Commercial leases - including representing commercial landlords and commercial tenants
Business contract

Business Litigation and Commercial Arbitration: We pursue all types of  commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution for defendants and plaintiffs, including contract and tort liability claims; joint venture disputes; international trade disputes; franchise disputes; banking & finance disputes; sale of goods; insurance defense and re-insurance disputes; bankruptcy; construction disputes and debt collection.  The Firm has litigated a wide variety of complex commercial matters for clients in diverse industries in state court.  Attorneys within the department have the technical expertise to advise clients effectively about a number of complex federal and state statutes, as well as a broad panoply of industry-specific litigation matters. Our trial attorneys regularly practice before the Circuit Courts of both Wayne, Oakland, Macomb County and surrounding regions, the United States District Courts for the Eastern District of Michigan. Our areas of focus include:

business fraud 
interference with business activities/unfair competition 
antitrust/price fixing 
bank/lender liability 
intellectual property/trade secrets 
insurance fraud 
securities fraud 
False Claim Act/whistleblower 

Bankruptcy:  We pursue all types of bankruptcy petitions and litigations in US Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. If you are experiencing debt problems, including too much credit card debt, collection agency harassment, lawsuits, judgments, foreclosure, repossession or IRS tax problems, you may need to call or visit us at 

Private International Law: The private international practice represents domestic and closely held companies and individuals doing business and investing outside of the U.S. (outbound transactions) and non-U.S. individuals and closely held companies doing business and investing within the U.S. (inbound transactions). Out attorneys have extensive inbound transactions involve companies that are expanding into the U.S. market, often with the help of private or public financings or by way of acquisitions. The increasing globalization of the world economy has also prompted substantial increases in.

Business/Complex Litigation: 

From lost profits to receiverships to injunctions to specific performance to an array of consequential damages claims, we are prepared to creatively and persuasively present and defend claims based on these theories. Our business litigation practice covers:

Breach of Contract

The fundamental type of dispute involved is, one way or another, the classic breach of contract or agreement, with its many permutations. We have prosecuted and defended this type of claim, from the simple to the complex, in virtually every business issues.  

Business Torts

We handle a variety of business torts claims, including negligent misrepresentation, fraud, concealment, conversion, and breach of fiduciary duty.  We have substantial experience defending businesses in state of Michigan litigation.

Construction Disputes

We have substantial expertise in preparing, presenting and defending construction disputes involving liability for defective design, delay and disruption claims, terminations for default, interference claims, backcharges, change orders, bidding and award disputes, protests, labor, lost productivity, cost escalation, construction failures, warranties, insurance claims, and mechanics' liens. 

Real Estate Litigation

We represent buyers, sellers, developers, landlords, tenants and owners in a wide variety of real estate disputes.

Business Lawyers for Business People

We are business oriented lawyers serving business people. We strive to provide a solution for the client that is
not only consistent with the law, but also with theneeds of the business.
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